“In one of Jamie’s TV spots, an actor ponders a paint chip that’s a fungal shade of green. The paint colour is labelled British Teeth. It’s funny, memorable, and relevant. That’s what you always get with Jamie. But he doesn’t always go for laughs. Sometimes you get stills of Justin Trudeau that show him as a guy, not a statesman. I’ve seldom seen anyone as good at putting people at ease in front of a camera, whether they’re accustomed to being there or not. Jamie brings out the human side of everything. Except maybe for his landscape paintings, which look like the undiscovered work of Gainsborough. Or when he whips up an Indian curry — a ruby, for you Brits out there — which tastes like it was made by Vikram Vij. He’s a talented boy, and never more so than when he’s behind the camera shooting a commercial for you.”

Jamie Way is the most creative man I know.
His range of talent is the most complete I’ve seen in more than 34 years in the creative business. You name it, he can do it. I hate him. I hate myself for saying it, but it’s true.
He generates simple, powerful ideas. He is a brilliant art director. He can write wonderfully. He is an award-winning director of commercials. He is a filmmaker of documentaries. He is a masterful photographer and a painter. He can work in any medium with the possible- exception of music. Jamie cannot carry a tune. He cannot even carry a ream of sheet music in his man purse, so there’s that to make us all feel better. In short, he’s a terrible human being. And you’ll want him on your team.

JackNeary / Chief Creative officer, TBWA\Toronto

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